A musical treat to all the melbournians . West Melbourne Marathi proudly supports Flute and Fusion by Amar Bansi.
With this association, we are pleased to announce that the members of WMM will receive an additional discount of 5% on the top of the current ticket price.

To avail 5% discount please contact:
Mr Vaibhav Kulkarni -0435744754. 
Promo code has also been sent to all current WMM members via email .
Click on the ticket booking link as under


Please take the advantage of the promo code to have discounted tickets and feel free to contact Mr Vaibhav Kulkarni in case you have any questions.

*****Stay tuned for more updates on WMM sarwajanik Ganesh Utsav registrations. Next announcement soon.
Please visit www.marathi.com.au for more details

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