WMM Ganeshtosav 2020- List of Winners

WMM Ganapati decoration competition 2020

Thanks for your participation

Winners Entries in Ganapati Decorations Category

Winners Entries in essay writing Category

WMM essay writing competition 2020

Thanks for your participation

The results for essay competition on the topic Indian festivals are as follows:
Criteria –
Topic- Indian festival
Minimum word count-100
Judge-  External , unbiased opinion
Judging criteria- Creative presentation, well within word count, vocabulary , text structure and sequence. features, handwriting,paragraph usages, addressing topic well etc
Category -Age group:7-10
First -Hridaya Khairnar
2nd-Rishva Sagane 
3rd- Parth Dhawale
Age Group:11-14
1st -Ananya Rout
2nd –  Atharva Halapeti
3rd-Manasvi Pohnerkar
Adult category – 
Single entry received so no competition there. But special mention Praj Gadkari for her participation. 

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